Three Issues for Effective Development of Curriculum & Assessment

At the 2011 Texas Community College Instructional Leaders annual conference in Fort Worth, October 5-6, I had the opportunity to present and discuss three issues I think are important to the effective development of curriculum and assessment.  The three issues are those which I have identified over the past year as I’ve worked more in depth with my local institution’s curriculum and assessment initiatives.  The highlights of the discussion and presentation: Read more

Self-Neutered Lecturers (Speakers, Presenters)

With my dissertation officially complete, I have… gasp… free time to do any number of things.  Tonight, I lost myself for an hour or more in long neglected RSS Feeds and was up long past my bedtime.  Rather than reading specific feeds, I took the mixed bag of the top level folder and just started reading and watching content in one post/article after another.

Two items stand out in my mind at the moment.

Taking the two presentations juxtaposed, there’s a stronger message for me than perhaps either of the two presentations in isolation.  I want to give this more thought, but briefly and roughly….. Read more