VWER: Future of Education in Virtual Worlds?

VWER January 6, 2011 Meeting(cross posted from http://blogs.sanjac.edu/virtualworlds)

I attended the Virtual Worlds in Education Roundtable (VWER) Annual “First Meeting of the Year” for 2011 this past Thursday.  I believe this is the third year the VWER’s new year has begun with a panel discussion.  The stated focus of the discussion was on the Probable, Possible and Preferable Futures of education in virtual worlds.  Of course, the majority of the discussion focused on the first two.  The discussion was moderated by (using Second Life monikers) AJ Brooks and included Buddy Sprocket, Fleep Tuque, Anthony Fontana, Wainbrave Bernal, and Kenny Hubble.  So what’d the panel have to say? (with my thoughts mixed in throughout.) Read more

Search the SLED Archives

Many educators working with virtual environments and Second Life in particular likely are already familiar with the Second Life Education listserv from Linden Lab. With thousands of educators participating, the listserv is very active on a daily basis, and constantly provides new information, ideas, and resources related to real life education in Second Life.

In the previous incarnation of my MUVE Forward blog, I had the search widget below in the sidebar which allows for quick, Google-enabled searching of the listserv archives. I use it quite frequently; honestly, it’s the first place I look when searching for an answer to a question regarding education in Second life. I wanted to post/include it in this space, so as to not lose track of the resource.

Metanomics: 2010 & Next – Second Life, Virtual Worlds & the State of the Union

I attended the Metanomics series on virtual environments Tuesday afternoon; this epsiode was 2010 & Next – Second Life, Virtual Worlds and the State of the Union.  I observed the virtual broadcast via NMC Teaching island (http://bit.ly/dYFJzi) though the chat, audio and video were all available via the Metanomics website.

One of the panel members was Larry Pixel (RL: Larry Johnson, CEO of the New Media Consortium); my primary interest in the event was to listen to commentary regarding the future of virtual worlds (and perhaps Second Life in particular) within the education sector.  A few notes, comments and thoughts follow.

A quick summary?  I believe Second Life does and will continue to offer unique benefits that other platforms and technologies do not; I believe the capabilities provide value-added benefit to education beyond what other platforms may currently offer.  If at all possible, I believe educational institutions should maintain their presence in Second Life while exploring other platforms in parallel; I understand that an institution’s presence may need to be reduced to meet budgetary limitations, but I do not believe using the elimination of the educational discount as a reason to leave Second Life is a good or rational decision. Read more

Institutional IPR, Purchasing Issues & Custom Last Name in SL

As the institution begins to move tangibly forward with our Second Life implementation, I find myself revisiting a few issues related to purchasing guidelines and intellectual property rights.  I’ve discussed these issues previously, one and two years ago, in some respect.  I have a solution in mind for two potential issues.

First Issue. How does a college employee get the funds they need to make in world purchases?  How are those purchases tracked and documented?  Read more

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