SCORM Help Needed v1.0

If you’re not familiar with SCORM in some depth, this post may well be gibberish to you.  That’s okay; I’m not entirely certain that it’s not written in gibberish (grin).  If you aren’t familiar with SCORM, I thought this SCORM overview at was somewhat useful, and I’m digging through a number of other resources that appear useful, at first glance at least:

I’m working with SCORM in some depth for the first time; “in some depth” is the key phrase in that statement.  Read more

Google Friend Connect @ Edtechatouille

Google Friend Connect entered open beta today.  I’ve been waiting and watching for this tool to become more generally available.  As of this posting (12/4/08), Google Friend Connect is installed in this space to experiment with the features etc.  The members gadget is at the top of the right sidebar, if you’d like to try it out.  I may be adding other available gadgets as well. When the closed beta for Friend Connect was originally announced, Read more